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DoubleClick Reporting By Device Type

DoubleClick Search Gets Reporting By Device Type

Google announced today that it has added reporting by device type to DoubleClick Search. It’s available to all advertisers. The feature will show you how your campaigns, ad groups, ads or keywords perform by device type, and let you compare them among
device types.

“Back in February, we introduced our upgrade tools as a faster, easier way to transition you to AdWords enhanced campaigns. But in addition to powerful upgrade tools, you told us you’re also looking for better measurement, to surface deeper insights and make smarter decisions in a constantly connected world,” Google tells advertisers in a blog post.

“You can use one of two flexible reporting features to see detailed metrics by device type: Dimensions or Segmentation,” says Google. “Using a dimension is best if you want to view device data for a single account, campaign or ad group, while segmentation provides device reporting across multiple accounts, campaigns or ad groups.”

The new feature will report on historical data as far back as January 1st of this year. This includes both device segmented engine and conversions stats. It will let you view segmented data from the advertiser level down to individual keywords. It wil also support segmented data for formula columns that reference Floodlight and engine data.

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