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The LEGITIMATE means to make money from your idle computer time!

Mission Statement
Our Mission is simple - To purchase unused computer processing power at a fair price, and to package it and sell it at a profit. All profits to be distributed to our owners, which includes all Division Managers. It is our goal to spread the ownership of Idle Processor Utilization Services to as many who wish to invest and work hard. This is not altruism - this is reward for hard work, planning, and execution.
To maintain a viable, desirable service at an attractive price, while fairly compensating everyone that is involved
You can be paid with PayPal, Payza, EgoPay, GreenDot MoneyPak, Western Union, Check or Money Order. All fees associated with the payment method you choose are borne by you. The Minimum Payout is $50USD


Copyright 2013 by Idle Processor Utilization Services, LLC - All Rights Reserved
Philadelphia, PA - Colorado Springs, CO - Seychelles


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Google's Biggest-Ever Change To AdWords

Google's Biggest-Ever Change To AdWords Is Now Being Forced On Advertisers

The "biggest-ever change to AdWords" (Google's words) officially began rolling out to all advertisers this week, though the process will be completed over the course of several weeks.

Are Enhanced Campaigns a step in the right direction for search advertising or do they make the experience worse? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Google announced Enhanced Campaigns in February calling it a first step in more smartly managing ad campaigns in a multi-device world.

a Good First Impression Online

6 Easy Ways to Make a Good First Impression Online

You’ve heard it before, I know. You have seconds — seconds — to make a good first impression with your brand.

Depending on who you ask it might be seven seconds. It might be three. It might be a split second.

You’ve got to make an immediate positive impact, or you’re toast. The worst part is that you may never get the chance to make an impression again.


FreshBooks - Cloud Accounting for Small Business Owners

FreshBooks is the fastest way to track time, organize expenses and invoice your clients.
Easy to use | Save time billing | Work from anywhere

FreshBooks is easy cloud accounting for small businesses and freelancers, specifically designed to save you time billing

Best Free DNS Servers for Public Access

Free Public DNS

Public DNS service is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service that everyone in the world can can use as an alternative to his/her current DNS provider. It can be used in any TCP/IP stack equipped network appliances, tablets computers,

DoubleClick Reporting By Device Type

DoubleClick Search Gets Reporting By Device Type

Google announced today that it has added reporting by device type to DoubleClick Search. It’s available to all advertisers. The feature will show you how your campaigns, ad groups, ads or keywords perform by device type, and let you compare them among

Top 10 Free SEO Tools June 2013

Top 10 Free SEO Tools - Optimise Your Website June 2013

Free SEO tools are an important part of a web marketing campaign as they reduce the need to spend vast sums of money on SEO experts to move your site up the search engine rankings for selected keywords and also to improve your marketing via the social media networks. While not all tools are free for an unlimited period, you can get a good head-start on your SEO campaign using them

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