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Best Free DNS Servers for Public Access

Free Public DNS

Public DNS service is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service that everyone in the world can can use as an alternative to his/her current DNS provider. It can be used in any TCP/IP stack equipped network appliances, tablets computers,
desktop PC or smartphones. Once the free DNS service applied to the internet devices, all client programs running in the devices will perform all DNS lookups using the new Public DNS for a faster, accurate, secure and smooth web browsing experience.

DNS is the most important role in internet infrastructure, it works exactly like a phone book: every time when people trying to visit a website, the internet devices will perform a DNS lookup first and find out what the server’s destination IP address is. Since people may visit hundreds of websites every day, the DNS lookup’s performance and safety becomes significant to everyone.

Here are some best free public DNS services over the market, we reviewed all existings public DNS providers and pick up only those top performance ones. Do you want to dramatically speed up your web browsing experience, improve your network surfing security and always get the genuine web results without redirect ads contents? Pick up one of the public DNS servers below and start using it now.

>> Regular Best Free Public DNS Servers <<
Providers                   Primary DNS Server     Secondary DNS Server
DNS Advantage          

>> Free Public DNS Servers with Safe-Browsing Shield <<
Providers                         Primary DNS          Secondary DNS
Norton ConnectSafe 1
Norton ConnectSafe 2
Norton ConnectSafe 3
Comodo Secure DNS

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