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Difference between CDMA and WCDMA

Difference between CDMA and WCDMA

I just covered difference between CDMA and GSM, here is another article on similar technology WCDMA. lLet’s see what is the difference between CDMA and WCDMA

WCDMA comes from Wideband Code Division Multiple Access and CDMA, as you may guess, comes from Code Division Multiple Access. Apart from their almost the same name the two technologies don’t share much characteristics.

WCDMA is a system developed by NTT DoCoMo from Japan, based on CDMA2000 but very different. While CDMA2000 works with several pairs of 1.25 MHz frequency, the WCDMA uses a pair of 5 MHz. It may look like its big fat brother but it’s not.

Economically speaking, CDMA and WCDMA are rivals, with the balance leaning towards CDMA due to its better performance – cost ratio. WCDMA, as well as CDMA, are the basis for 3rd generation (3G) communication standard. But WCDMA goes with 3G UMTS, GSM’s best friend, with increased coverage ad low costs. 3G UTMS give you high data transmission on the internet, video calls and a lot more mobile services. It also gives you the possibility to send multiple data simultaneously, you can talk to the phone, send a text message (SMS) and check your email in the same time from your phone.

If you don’t have 3G coverage all over but you still want / need to keep it activated don’t worry, the cell phones are build to switch automatically to GSM mode when thet lost the 3G connection.

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