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Get EgoPay Discount with a 0.5% rebate!


EgoPay, the new payment processor initiated by Payza is getting more and more popular among HYIP and other businesses admins. If you came to this site by search of EgoPay reviews, discount offers, rebates or coupons, then you already know how useful EgoPay is. And this is the only place you’ll find an EgoPay deposit discount. You get 0.5% of you first deposit back just by following a few simple steps.

While EgoPay is a service everybody is going to use in the near future, nobody likes to pay more than they have to. If you signup to EgoPay through our referral link ONLY, you can save 0.5% off your first deposit. Get your money back by following the instructions below precisely:

1. Be sure to clear your cookies first (I have to be recognized as your referral in order to give you the refund). (***VERY IMPORTANT: If you’ve already signed up for an EgoPay account, you MUST first close it or use a DIFFERENT email address for the account you sign up under my referral link.)

2. I’m offering a 0.5% rebate via EgoPay to anyone who signs up under my link. If you find that appealing, click on the link below:
*** Get EgoPay Discount with a 0.5% rebate! ***

3. Sign up for EgoPay e-currency account. Signing up is easy and you can follow the instructions on sign-up instructions page. Once you have done so, you will be given the opportunity to deposit funds to your account using Payza or many other exchangers.

4. If you sign-up through my referral link, I will give you 0.5% off discount in the form of a $0.5% rebate transferred to your EgoPay account. So, for a 1000$ deposit you will receive 5$ back.

Check our special promo offer below and receive an additional 0.5% back!

5. Once your deposit is completed, please send us an e-mail to: info [at] egopayreview [dot] com with the following subject line: “EgoPay Rebate“ and in the content send us the email you have signed to EgoPay with. (***VERY IMPORTANT: make sure this is indeed the email you’ve signed up to your EgoPay account with. Transactions between EgoPay accounts are final and irreversible.)

That’s it! We usually process the refund the same day, but please be patient. It might take us up to 48 hours to process the refund.

*** Limited Time Offer – Act Now! ***

We offer an additional 0.5% rebate (1% in total) to the ones who will make a video testimonial of themselves confirming they received 0.5% of their deposit back. Send us an email to: info [at] egopayreview [dot] com with a 20-60 seconds video confirming you received our service (and approval for us to use the video on our site) and we will rebate an entire 1% of your first deposit to your EgoPay account!!

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