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Register a URL

Register a URL
How Do You Register a URL?
The concept of a uniform resource locator (URL) derives from Tim Berners-Lee’s early work on hypertext during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Fortunately, you don’t have to learn the history of HTTP and hypertext to develop a portal for your web site in cyberspace.

Registering a URL can be a very straightforward process, provided that your business can be flexible in terms of its cyberspace designations. There are literally hundreds of online registration sites which can walk you through the process -- some charge more than others for premium services such as helping you create a prefab web page or providing suggestions for alternative names for your site.

Registration works much like real estate renting and buying. You can register a URL for a web site for a discrete period of time. For instance, if you are setting up a wedding web site, you can rent an HTTP URL from the period of your engagement to a few months after your wedding. If you run a business which may need to grow and expand (and hence shed a few URL names in the process), this “renting” of URL space may make the most sense.

Alternatively, you can buy addresses outright and even sell sub-domains within your URL to other companies. Web site business mavens recommend that entrepreneurs stick to .com URLs when possible. If you have a brand or trademark that must be the primary URL designation, consider alternative first-level domains like .net or .tv. With that said, be aware that all web site run the risk of accidentally driving traffic to their .com dopplegangers.

Hence, if you register a .int web site in your name, you may
assist the rival that took your .com name in the first place.

Remember that just because you register your URL doesn’t mean you’re necessarily registered with the search engines. You may have to go to each one of the major engines to identify your web site as an e-business. Investigate any companies which claim to be able to register your URL for you.

While many of these services are indeed legitimate and useful, there are troublemakers and scam artists out there. You may refer any specious web site URL registration services to your local Better Business Bureau. Consumer protection agencies (especially nonprofit ones) can also clue you into safe URL registration facilities.
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