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How to find my ISP

How to find my ISP

In case you want to know full name of your ISP there are many ways to find it. First of all you need to find out the Global IP address of your system or the Default Gateway of your ISP.

The IP address you get from commands like “ipconfig/all” or “ipconfig” is your local network IP and which is different from the global IP address. The global IP address is assigned to your system by your Internet Service Provider. Now, you can get your global IP address easily from websites below without doing anything, just open any of these sites…

Now, you need to find any geo location service which can tell which ISP has assigned that IP for you. IP2Location is such a service from where you can easily get the ISP name and the nearest node of your Internet Service Provider like the screenshot below. IP2Location allow you to find 200 IP Locations for free per day.

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